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12min.me Berlin

Berlin, Germany

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Hey! And welcome to 12min.me Berlin. 

With personality and passion we create monthly events that foster conversation and discussion, offer insight exchange and the easiest networking in town between new and old economy.

And this is how we do it:  Three great speakers offer their stories, insights and learnings but they don´t have much time.  Because everything runs at a 12min.-Beat:

12minutes talk 12minutes Q&A  12minutes networking

The evenings usually end with free drinks, great conversations and new friends. 

In addition to our monthly IGNITE TALKS we are launching two more formats this year:  12min.MOVE, a format focusing on #mobility and #infrastructure will start Oct. 20th.  12min.SMART, focusing on #education will start Nov. 17th.  so stay tuned for updates! 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your 12min.me-Berlin-Team

We are also in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Rostock, Hannover, Munich, Heidelberg/Mannheim & Budapest.  Soon you can find us in Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, New York and everywhere else in the world. ;) 

Join us for our next event or visit us online:  Website www.12min.me  XING www.xing.com/net/pri15c598x/12minme Facebook www.facebook.com/12minme Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/12minme Twitter www.twitter.com/12min_me  #12minme #12minB #IgniteTalks 


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