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Big Data Developers in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

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This is an IBM sponsored Big Data meetup group. Geared towards developers, data scientists and ALL Big Data enthusiasts, our meetups provide an opportunity to work hands on with the solutions and tools in our Big Data portfolio.

Our Meetups typically include a 45-60 min (max) presentation that serves as an introduction and overview for a specific Big Data technology. It is followed by ~3 hours to collaborate with fellow developers and apply your Big Data skills. We provide a cloud environment that you can run through the browser of your laptop at NO cost to you. Our meetups are FREE.

Meetup topics include:

  • Hadoop-based analytics - Stream Computing - Text Analytics - Visualization and Discovery tools for Big Data - Big Data App Development - Deep dives into the technologies that makes big data processing possible - Anything and everything about Big Data

Join us today for a hands on software development experience.

All presentations are available on Slideshare!

To download the Quick Start edition of BigInsights:

To download the Quick Start edition for Streams:


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