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Gamification World Meetups Scandinavia

Stockholm, Sweden

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With Scandinavian countries becoming a hub for game design and technology, the purpose of this Meetup group is to share gamification theory, practise and knowledge through conversation and events both formal and informal. We are thinking big and want to see gamification meetups happen in each of the capitals: Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Reykavik. 

With the games industry thriving applying game elements to life and business processes is on the rise also. So we are looking to welcome gamers and gamifiers and entrepreneurial types interested in gamification to this group. Our mission is to spread the word about what gamification is and what it can do. If this appeals to you, then welcome on board and let's enjoy the journey together.

We are also part of a bigger network with Gamification World Meetups and the Gamification World Congress Thanks to this link we can bring together a world of experience and knowledge on the topic of gamification.

I am actively looking for co-organisers with connections to venues where we can meet. We welcome sponsors to sponsor specific events or parts of it. We will need great people willing to lead local teams to organise regular meetings. We will kick it off in Stockholm with a one day event in May 2015. If you have a speaker who is willing to talk, a showcase of a gamification project or someone you want to hear from, we would love to hear from you, so just drop us a message.

Are you ready to play? Then welcome on board.


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