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Stockholm, Sweden

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MakerLab is our evening maker club. It's a hang out place for people who wants to build things on their free time, be it as a hobby, or a commercial project. The MakerLab is ran by the lab members themselves and the format and opening times are decided by the community. Opening times: Starting out, the MakerLab is now open Mondays 18.00-23.00, but as we get more members and volunteers, the plan is to open up more nights and weekends. Our values: * Radical Self-Expression - bring your own project to work on. * Radical Self-Reliance - while there are a bunch of tools and equipment in the workshop, you are in the end responsible for your own needs. Bring tools, being food, being drinks. * Leave No Trace - Please take care of the place :) * Communal Effort - MakerLab is created by us all. Gift your knowledge and your inspiration to the people around you. Joining MakerLab costs 500 kr / month (first two weeks are free). Being a member gets you: * A 100 sqm workshop in Gamla Stan. * Access to basic tools, 3D printer, laser cutter, electronics lab. * A community of awesome people to keep you company while you build awesome things. See you Monday!


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