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Stockholm R useR group (SRUG)

Stockholm, Sweden

0 members

This is a Meetup group for R useRs in the (larger) Stockholm area. All R users are welcome, from those just beginning with R (or want to start with R) to those who used R for many years.

R is a programming language for statistical computing, data analysis and visualization of data. R is free and open source.

This useR group has several purposes. Firstly, it is about bringing together R useRs in the larger Stockholm area to help each other with common problems, exchange knowledge and share experiences. Secondly, this user group to spread the use of R in Sweden and show others (non R users) the benefits of using R.

Last but not least, we are about to meet and get to know other R useRs from other areas.

The main language used on the meetup page is english, but som presentations can be in Swedish (this is then marked in the meetup program).

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