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#16: R recommends: biotech

January 26, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Hypoport, Klosterstr. 71, 10179 Berlin

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How do you recommend products? With R, of course! What's an awesome tool in biotechnology? R, of course!
Our next get-together features 2 presentations: one on recommender systems and one about R in Biotechnology.
Recommender systems:
Jordi Casanellas will show us different strategies to recommend products depending on the availability of data (purchase, customer and product data) and how to evaluate the performance of a recommender. We will even set up an approach to start recommending with no historical data. All showcased in R and Shiny.
R in Biotechnology:
Due to its flexibilities for data handling & modeling capabilities, R is becoming the most widely used programming in Biotechnology field. Abhishek Upadhyay will briefly present the techniques to use R for the solution of problems related to bioinformatics and computational biology.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
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