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#17: Machine-R-y

March 1, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Hypoport, Klosterstr. 71, 10179 Berlin

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Note: The date is not totally fix yet! We will find out (and post) on monday if we have to postpone the meetup.
Our next evening will feature machine learning and a discussion about our future meetup format.
Alex Wennman (WATTx) is working on a prototype of a machine learning platform, which he will introduce to us, touching on a couple of interesting topics such as synthetic data and differential privacy.
Sven Ballentin, data scientist at Clue (female health/cycle tracking app with > 6 mio users), will present the March 18-19 Berlin data hackathon (with a €5'000 prize) on cycle related symptom prediction.
We'll spend the remainder of the evening discussing how we want to proceed our meetups. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated here! I think we, as a group, can become more interactive than we have been so far. A couple of questions we could touch: - Do we want more interactivity or are R themed presentations fine as we had them? - Why is the Open Mic element not so well accepted / used? - Are we interested in short awesome R package highlights (1-10 min each, 2-5 per evening)? - Will we fight over some provocative coding questions (base graphs vs ggplot, par()$cex vs par("cex"), why not to use the tidyverse, etc)? - Do we want more Emails / advertising forwarded by the organizer? - ...
Looking forward to hear your thoughts! Berry
PS: Here's some more info on Clue and WATTx:
Apply for the Clue/WATTx Data Hackathon 2017 and become one of 30 top data scientists competing for a chance to win a €5,000 prize! Clue will provide you with an exciting health dataset of symptoms and cycle data, which has been fully anonymized using WATTx’s platform to protect user privacy. Help us build a high performing algorithm to predict symptoms like headache or sex drive. The hackathon will take place between March[masked] at Clue’s office in the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin.
Clue is the world’s fastest growing cycle tracking app. Its mission is to help people all around the world benefit from insights into female health, while moving science and health research forward. Clue has more than 6 million monthly active users and recently raised $20 million in Series B funding.
WATTx is the launchpad for new ambitious ideas. Two things set them apart: focus on deep technology within industrial and consumer IoT, as well as rigorous process moving an idea from its inception to a functional prototype. During this event, WATTx will provide the infrastructure for the hackathon while respecting the privacy of the data.

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