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#18: gendR challenge

March 29, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Hypoport, Klosterstr. 71, 10179 Berlin

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API R workshop - bring a laptop if possible.

Following up on our discussion about women at BRUG, Wojciech will guide us through an API challenge! Through the meetup API, we will obtain gender information of the currently 1'076 registered BRUG members. Your task will be to form teams and find out how many women we could expect to show up at the meetups. With that information, we can decide if we want to further explore how to boost attendance diversity and foster a welcoming culture as wanted in our code of conduct.

Our schedule draft looks like this: - 30 min for explaining the problem and introducing some useful techniques: How to access the meetup REST API from within R, clean data, guess the gender from usernames if gender is not provided by the user. - 1 h for teaming up and coding. Please document your approach - 30 min for presentating groupwise results - 30 min for socializing

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