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#2 Your journey to Service Design

March 23, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Usify, Barnhusgatan 20, Stockholm

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Hello hello all Service Design friends!
It has been a busy start of the new year, but we are happy to kick off the first Service Design event in 2017. We are trying to set up more mingles and social activities so stay tuned. 
The topic for the next event is: ‘Sharing stories around your journey to Service Design’. Service Design is maturing in Stockholm and around the world, and many Service Designers today have come across it through various ways, which will be inspiring to share. 
So join us the 23th of March 18:00 at Usify, an user-centered design agency in the heart of Stockholm. 
Location: Barnhusgatan 20
111 23 Stockholm
Time: 18:00 - 21.30
We will have several guest speakers for the night but there will be opportunities for attendees to share their stories too. That’s the beautiful thing about us Service designer, we love sharing and learning from each other. 
Some guest speakers for the event will be:
Janni Trinh, Service Designer at Valtech ‘How to Service design your life’
Emma Lindahl, Service Designer at Valtech ‘The jungle gym'
So block the date and join us for a cosy and social evening. A great opportunity to meet new and familiar faces. 
Thank you Usify for hosting this event for us. 
See you there!

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