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#20 Teaching R: the beta distribution

June 28, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Hypoport, Klosterstr. 71, 10179 Berlin

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Bring a laptop: We'll have a tutorial on the beta distribution and discuss how (not) to teach R.
The Beta distribution is very versatile, especially with proportions, and is often used to quantify prior knowledge in Bayesian inference. In the tutorial we'll learn how to determine the parameters, graph the distribution and use the quantile functions to determine whether the Indian government needs to do something about arsenic poisoning in drinking wells. I hope it will also serve as a starting point for a discussion about how to teach R (e.g. handling groups with diverse programming knowledge backgrounds) and how to convince colleagues to adopt R.
The slides are part of my teaching material (chapter 9, distributions) available at https://github.com/brry/course

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