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27. Data Lakes Driven By Kylo: Unparalleled Speed to Market

June 12, 17:45

Stockholm, Sweden
Spotify Office, Birger Jarlsgatan 61 (11tr), Stockholm

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• 17.45: drink, socialize
• 18.00: first talk: Data Lakes Driven By Kylo: Unparalleled Speed to Market
Abstract: For many companies, working with data lakes has become a frustrating and unsuccessful experience: instead of being focused on building analytics and improving the quality of the data lake, engineering teams often spend most of their time dealing with requests to ingest new data sources or wrangle data. As a result, they have little time left to focus on data improvement and delivering value from big data analytics.
Using Kylo, an open source data lake management platform, companies are able to generate valuable insight from their data lakes faster, bringing innovation via products and services to the market at unparalleled speed.
Rockie Yang - Senior Data EngineerRockie Yang is a passionate software engineer. He has has been working in a variety of sectors for 15 years in both Asia and Europe. He is now working as a Big Data Consultant at Think Big, to help clients build simple yet flexible Big Data Pipelines. He open sourced spark-highcharts to help connecting Big Data with end user.
Harjeet Cheema - Business Development Manager Harjeet Cheema is a business oucome focused executive who has been working in the commercial space with extensive project experience in finance, telco and retail, across UK, Nordics and Asia. Having worked in Big Data specifically for 18 months, both with his own venture and now with Think Big Analytics.
• 18.45: eat, drink, socialize  (more) 
• 19.00: Second talk: TBA
Speaker: TBA
• 19.45: drink, socialize  (even more) 
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