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44th #ebaytechtalk: Like a DevOps

October 19, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Office Club (AKA mobilesuite), Pappelallee 78/79, , 10437 Berlin, Berlin

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Recognize, analyze and solve live problems with JDK and open-source APM tools. Best before release.
It’s done. Your application is in production. But now the software begins to change through usage and continuous development. In this permanent state of flux, it’s important to track the evolution of the application’s runtime behavior and the cumulative effect of changes over time, and to be able to react quickly when necessary.
The talk is about hunting and solving real-world bugs with standard JDK tools and MoSKito, an open-source performance monitoring tool.
Leon Rosenberg is a software architect and performance specialist, who has spent the last 15 years working on optimization of highly scalable portals like FriendScout24, Parship, C-Date or Allyouneedfresh. He is also an author and committer on various open-source projects with a focus on distributed computing / microservices and application performance management (APM).

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