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A Foundation for Lineage-Based Distributed Computation - Philipp Haller

November 21, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
This location is shown only to members, Sveavägen 46, Stockholm

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  • 17.30 light food and mingle
  • 18.00 Welcome
  • 18.05 Philipp Haller: A Foundation for Lineage-Based Distributed Computation
  • ca 19.30 move over to a pub nearby The most successful systems for “big data” processing have all adopted functional APIs. We presenta new programming model we call function passing designed to provide a more principled substrate, or middleware, upon which to build data-centric distributed systems like Spark. A key idea is to build up a persistent functional data structure representing transformations on distributed immutable data by passing well-typed serializable functions over the wire and applying them to this distributed data. Philipp presents his latest work found at

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