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Agile Game Lab #18 @TU Technische Universität Berlin

June 15, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
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An Open Space to explore games in business
This open space workshop is for everyone* to learn about agile while having fun and playing games, to improve facilitation skills by hosting a game session or to find peers to design a new game. The agile game lab is special since we try to bring agile people and game developers together to have an evening full of creativity and fun. 
Bring a game you like to try out
Games and simulations are useful tools to experience agile practices, to communicate complex problems and to learn how to apply agile and lean thinking to solve them. They are also a great way to explore an issue at work, e.g. how to get rid of command and control, improve flow etc. Don't be shy and bring your own game idea to find out if it works while playing with peers or try out facilitating a game that you are not yet familiar with - or just join a session and learn from others. We have some basic moderator materials but please bring anything you need to host a session.
Announce with a post what you like to play
Want to get feedback for an idea? Post it here and let us know if you will host a session so that we can make sure we have enough space.
Resources to get inspired
Want to know more what it is? Have a look at these web sites,, or check out this presentation about designing a game:
Spread the word, and promote our community
Follow us on twitter: Tweet about us using the #AGALAB tag. Like us on Facebook: Jens Otto Lange and Stefan Haas from #PoDojo are looking forward to meeting you PS: *For everyone! No superpowers, 10 years of agile experience or anything but an open mind is required! This time the Technische Universität will open up their space - we are sorry to say that this time there won't be any drinks or food, so just bring a bottle.

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