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Agile in Tech Startups

October 18, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
BannerFlow, Sankt Eriksgatan 46 C, Stockholm

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Agile at Bannerflow
Tech development at Bannerflow has always been about fast execution while at the same time maintaining high quality. This talk will be about the agile journey Bannerflow has made the last 4 years, growing considerable in both amount of developers and customers. Technical Delivery Manager and Scrum Master Oscar Bornemark will share his learnings and Bannerflow's take on Agile development.
Modern Agile: Make Safety a Prerequisite
Fear is rampant on too many teams, even more in startup ones. People are afraid to make changes, afraid to voice their opinions and afraid of making mistakes. The trouble is, fear kills performance. If you have a culture of fear, none of your fancy processes or practices will help you. Making people awesome isn’t possible if people are not safe. Safety is both a basic human need and a key to unlocking high performance. In her talk, Nataliya, experienced Engineering Manager, will share some real-world examples and practices for how to make safety a prerequisite in your team.

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