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All Day DevOps, Live Online

October 24, 10:00

Helsinki, Finland
https://alldaydevops.­com, Online, Helsinki

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On October 24th, DevOps Finland will be supporting the Live Online All Day DevOps Conference. This is a 24 hour event with 5 simultaneous tracks, delivering 96 sessions and 4 keynotes in 38 time zones. Session tracks include Automated Security, CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure, DevOps in Government, and the Tech Crawl, where companies will take you behind the scenes of their DevOps working environments.
Featured speakers include Gene Kim, John Willis, Dave Farley, Patrick Dubois, James Wickett, Shannon Lietz, Damon Edwards, and Jez Humble. Registration is free. Full details are located at or watch this 40 second video to see what it’s all about.
Let's discuss in DevOpsFinland slack channel during the event! To get invite go here

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