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API workshop (What is it? How do I use them?)

May 18, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
GOTO10, Hammarby Kaj 10D, Stockholm

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This is a workshop where you can learn about APIs, what they are and how to talk to one!
You need to signup at the GOTO10 event page to get in!
Hosted at GOTO10.
How to find us. If you exit in Skanstull, and you walk there (~6-9 min walk), take the lower bridge, on your left hand side! Then once you've passed the bridge, go down the stairs on your left hand side, keep walking along the pier, and you'll see GOTO10 on your right hand side. 

We'll be using the 46elks API & trafiklab.
Preparations: 46elks Play with the demo on the startpage ( Signup to create an account at: Trafiklab Create an account at: - pressing the big button on the startpage takes you here: ** POSTman ** A tool for talking to apis: (Download & install) No worries if you've never coded! We'll be using a tool (postman) to talk to apis, so you don't need to know how programming, and we'll walk through every step together! When you leave, you just might have an urge to start learning how to code!  :D

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