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AUGB 2-day-special: Kreaton Meetup

October 6, 18:00

Berlin, Germany
Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin, Wilhelmstraße 44<br/>Entrance via Mohrenstraße<br/>Berlin

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Dear AUGB-members,
we are very excited to announce a 2 day special meeting for October together with the Ableton user group visiting us from Prag:
Friday,[masked], from 6 pm to 10.30 pm Saturday,[masked], from 3 pm to 10.30 pm
Czech Center in Berlin, in collaboration with the music education platform Kreaton, hosts educational and discussion meeting organized by both Ableton User Groups in Prague and Berlin, made up of musicians who share their experiences with using the popular music software Ableton Live. 
Discussions co hosted by female:pressure will open the topic of building career in music as well as women and music technology. 
The afternoon program on Saturday will introduce musicians presenting their projects and creative process. The meeting will close with Link jam session. 
Pop up record shop of independent Czech and German labels will be opened throughout the whole event. Free entry.
------------------------ FRIDAY 6. Oct.--------------------------
18:30 - 19:45 
DISCUSSION on building music career hosted by Mary C & female:pressure
-- guests --
Mo Loschelder (Media Loca,Heroines Of Sound)  - DJ, booking agent, promoter
Gordon Gieseking (Project Mooncircle)  - label manager, DJ, illustrator
Alessia D’Artino (A/Ona, HOW, Drone Berlin)  - DJ, producer, promoter
Balazs Danyadi (Balas,Rituals, Werk-Music) - DJ, producer, promoter
20:00 - 22:00 
LIVE SESSION: Czech experimental electronic scene Kreaton Showup: HRTL, tyto alba, Wim Dehaen

------------------------ SATURDAY, 7. Oct. --------------------------
15:00 - 18:00 
SHARING IDEAS AND EXPERIENCE  presentations by artists:
Martin Tvrdý (Kreaton) - Sound designing space colonization
Jan Burian ml (tyto alba) - Ableton as a tool in the theatre
Wim Dehaen (Genot Centre) - Wavelet synthesis
Christian Kleine (Ableton) - Max for Live
19:00 - 20:30 
DISCUSSION on women and music technology hosted by Mary C & female:pressure
-- guests --
Lena Kocisova PhD (akkamiau, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, StratoFyzika) - DJ, producer, multimedia artist, promoter, coordinator, phd in art management
Maya Consuelo Sternel (a.k.a. Donna Maya, Ableton Certified Trainer, UPSTART Electronic Music Education, AUG Berlin) - musician, producer, sound engineer, educator
20:30 - 22:30 
LINK JAM SESSION / refreshment / networking
Ableton User Group Berlin https://www.facebook.com/groups/739401529446226/
Ableton User Group Prague https://www.facebook.com/groups/1813678682215821/

------------------- GUEST & PARTICIPANTS --------------------
Founder of Media Loca booking agency and curator and organizer of Heroines of Sound festival focused on women musicians. As a booking agent she has been collaborating with experimental electronic artists such as Gudrun Gut, Electric Indigo and Jan Jelinek. Mo Loschelder is also a DJ and producer, one of the key figures of Berlin club scene. 
Founder, CEO and A&R of Berlin based electronic music label Project:Mooncircle is also an illustrator and DJ. During his career he also launched music platform Finest Ego and has many experience in the field of licensing management. He has been lecturing at University of the Arts – UDK / DigiMediaL and Humboldt University in Berlin.
Started Poopsy Club in 2006 till 2011 (the first underground queer party in Berlin at the time), after living for short period in London, returned to Berlin to launch a party Drone, together with Fabio Boxikus; which has became a part of Gegen parties for 3 years. Just recently Drone is going back solo, bringing back Drone's concept as it used to be. Currently, along with DJ name A/Ona, started a solo project called HOW with it’s first debut live this year at Krake festival.
Is the main person behind the events Rituals and WERK. He has been organising club events since 2005 in Hungary, Austria and nowadays in Berlin. He is also producer and DJ, gaining experience playing different styles of electronic music – from Breakbeat, Electro, House, to Techno – for the past 10 years. Thus, his sets are overflowing with raw energy due to his strict selection of powerful records. At the moment, he is mostly immersed in old-school Techno which has been showcased through the WERK parties.
Founder and organizer of Ableton User Group Berlin, she is a musician, DJ, producer, sound engineer and educator. Maya is the first female Ableton Certified Trainer and teaches at AUG Berlin and UPSTART Electronic Music Education. Under her alias Donna Maya she composed turntable concerts for philharmonic orchestra and DJ as well as soundtrack contributions for film by Fatih Akim. 
Is an instrument designer, sound inventor, composer, multi-instrumentalist & producer based in Berlin. He studied classical trumpet and later began making electronic music with project called Hermann & Kleine. In 2001 released his solo debut and joined Ableton where he started developing and curating Max for Live content. He developed many different Max for Live devives under the name Max for Cats.
LENA KOCISOVA aka hiT͟Hərˈto͞o
Audiovisual artist, experimental musician, performer, art event manager, resident in Berlin. Studied FaVU Brno University of Technology, graduated with PhD in Audiovisual Performance. She has performed experimental audiovisual shows since 2006 as Akkamiau, since 2012 she creates sound compositions inspired by metaphysics for audiovisual interactive collective StratoFyzika. Recently launched an experimental techno project hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, with releases on female:pressure, Decadence recordings, SPRINGSTOFF �and Establishment records. Member and coordinator of female: pressure network.
Music journalist, DJ and founder of Kreaton education platform and Ableton User Group Prague together with Martin Tvrdý. She hosts weekly show focused on rap and electronic music on Radio Wave and a monthly show called Bohemian for 199 Radio London. Coordinates music export project Czeching and together with Goethe-Institut Prag she started series of educational events for electronic scene called Music Ports. She releases feminist fan zine Obrovská and is a proud member of female:pressure.
Music producer, synthesizer virtuoso and expert well known for his live performances. One of the active members of Bastl Instruments collective, that creates hand-made open-source electronic instruments and modular synthesizers. HRTL is a founder of cassette label Bükko Tapes, currently preparing several of his music projects to be released on foreign-based labels. His debut album Dataloss gained him Czech music award Andel.
Music Producer originally from Belgium focused on experimental ambient and drone. Interested in spectral processes, tape degradation and generative procedures. He is a co-founder of Czech label Genot Centre, well known for their cassette releases of experimental electronic music and carefully curated sleepover concert series Silent Night.
ProDucer, composer and graphic designer. He is also a cofounder of Kreaton platform together with Mary C. He gained popularity on the Czech music scene with his projects Sporto, Bonus and Tvrdý&Havelka. Recently he works on various theater projects with Spitfire Company or VOSTO5 as a composer and sound designer. 
Producer, composer and rapper behind rap experimental project Kyklos Galaktikos or “tyto alba” improvised session together with Michaela Svedova. He worked on many different theatre and dance projects as composer including collaborations with Min Tanaka, Archa Theatre in Prague or Chinese Living Dance Studio. 
One third of rap experimental project Kyklos Galaktikos. She is focused on sound experiments working with modular synths but also common things, that under her hands become music instruments. Recently she joined women producers circle of Bastl Insturments and participates on experimental often improvised project “tyto alba” with Jan Burian ml.
Acclaimed singer and composer Sara Vondraskova gained popularity with her hit for Czech movie called Ve Stínu. Her debut album was released on Czech Supraphon a later on German label Denovali. She was the first winner of music export project Czeching of The Czech Radio. Recently she composed music for dance performance called Divočina and collaborated with Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Music producer crafting highly contextual ambient textures, sketching uncanny post-asmr, post-organic digital landscapes scattered with underwater trance bunkers, haunted wifi-infused tearooms, and immense paradisiacal gardens. She uses a hypertextual sampling approach, linking material such as sacred flutes, ripped cathartic youtuber confessions and cinematic SFX hits, with assistance of various post-fidelity approaches ranging from phone mic compression to state-of-the-art DSP.

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