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Automating Oracle Database Administration, practical examples with Ansible

February 22, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
This location is shown only to members, Kungsgatan 8, Stockholm

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Agenda: 18:00 Meet and greet 18:15 Presentation 19:15 Wrap Up and departure to nearby pub
Presenter: Mikael Sandström Co-presenter: Ilmar Kerm
As the demand for Continuous Delivery and Cloud Computing increases, so to does the repatative nature of DBA work. This is where automation can help you. One of the most popular Devops Tools for automation is Ansible. Ansible allows you to automate workflows using YAML an easy to use language, that can also serve as documentation. This session is a practical "no-slides" hacking session where the presenters will implement basic DBA workflows using Ansible automation software. The presented examples will give the audience the necessary skills to get started with Ansible so that they can implement their own custom workflows.

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