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Autonomous Vehicles: Legal and Technical Issues

March 15, 18:30

Tallinn, Estonia

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Each day brings news about autonomous or self-driving vehicles, including news about legal and regulatory developments related to such technology. Just a few days ago it was announced that the testing of self-driving cars is now allowed on the streets and roads of Estonia. 
In our next meetup, we will have a closer look about what are some of the latest developments in this area and where are we headed. The following persons have kindly agreed to share their thoughts: 
Mr. Allan Aksiim - Member of Board, Foundation of Future Technologies
Mr. Marten Kaevats - Advisor of Digital Affairs, Government Office of Estonia
Mr. Rauno Kinkar - Lawyer, Law Firm Lextal 
Mr. Kristjan Korjus - Head of Computer Vision and Perception, Starship Technologies
Risto Hübner

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