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Be relevant, not hip! How to build companies that customers love

February 8, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
relevantive gmbh, Torstraße 59, Berlin

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Join us for an evening of discussion in a relaxed setting. Discover new, emerging and disruptive trends in innovation analytics and be inspired by existing innovative ideas and best practice solutions of the presenting speakers.
Doors open - 19.00
1. Welcome & Intro
2. Lean Data Presentations (30min each + short Q&A session)
Speaker Patrick Stähler :
Be relevant, not hip! How to build companies that customers love
Berlin is full of creative people. And Berlin is full of hip startups. But is hip enough? Or should they be relevant for their customers? The meetup will be about relevance and how to build companies that are relevant, hip and give meaning to their customers and employees, a point which is often forgotten. Patrick will tell a bit about meaning and how you can build businesses that customers love.
Patrick Stähler is entrepreneur, inventor-by-chance of the business model innovation concept, forefather of the business model canvas and author of the book "Das Richtige gründen: Werkzeugkasten für Unternehmer". 

  1. Open chat and mingle over drinks  End - 22.00  Further Information  ·  [masked] / 19.00 (7pm)  ·  relevantive GmbH, Torstraße 59, 10119 Berlin  ·  Interested in pitching or presenting your idea, best case, etc.? Please contact us at: [masked]

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