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Becoming a Software Architect (by Jan Ehrhardt)

March 2, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Office Club (AKA mobilesuite), Pappelallee 78/79, , 10437 Berlin, Berlin

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Software developers’ understanding of software architects has been shaped by the times of enterprise software development. Everyone knows ivory tower architects. They make technical decisions, design a software system in UML diagrams and never write code themselves. Thanks to the agile development movement we overcame these times and the outdated concept of the software architect. Today architecture is done by all developers 😉. 
As a developer, Jan has been no exception to this belief until he became accidentally a software architect himself. This was the start of a journey to figuring out why even in agile development software architects can be beneficial. The modern architect requires different skills and processes, but can also improve the software system significantly. 
This talk is for: 
• Developers who are architects themselves without knowing
• CTOs and managers who want to hire architects
• Architects who want to grow themselves
• Everyone who deals with software development.
This talk is not about UML 😌!

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