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Berlin Cloud GDG second meetup

January 12, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Brückenstraße 5A, Berlin

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Join us for the second meetup of Cloud GDG Berlin. This time we will have:
•  Practical Experience with Cloud Endpoints by Sebastian Kurt Learn about how Scondoo is using Cloud Endpoints to publish their APIs, create client libraries automatically (including authentication), and generate metrics and dashboards for their APIs. 

• Networking 101 by Jens Kuehlers Before becoming a Solution Engineer, Jens was a Networking Engineer at Google. Attend this meeting for a "networking 101" session in the Cloud: reasonable expectations about latencies, the usual tools for debugging, and how to use the speed of light in your calculations with long-distance deployments. Take away this code lab to repeat it later with the rest of your team.

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