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Berlin creative professionals meetup

November 16, 20:00

Berlin, Germany
Mendy und Edeltraut, Weserstrasse 43, Berlin

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Let's meetup again and exchange about topics related to our jobs or interests like UX design, photography, video + filming, music, coding, acting and so on. If you are a creative, associated with the media industry, or are just a sympathizer, you are welcome to join us for an easy, relaxed evening.
If you would like some feedback on your latest creative work, you are also welcome to bring that with you and show it around. Usually people like to look at other people's portfolios and provide feedback.
Let's meetup, socialize, exchange and network over a beer or two. In the best case there might be some cooperative projects being created from this meetup.

Berlin Creative professionals Meetup Berlin Creative professionals Meetup

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