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/*BERLIN*/ Cyclehack Berlin 2017

September 15, 19:00

Berlin, Germany

External Registration

Open Registration Page

Make cycling in Berlin more safe, more fun, more prominent! Join the hackathonish Cyclehack Berlin in the Fab Lab! 

For more information and registration, look here:
...and grab some more details here:
https://twitter.com/CyclehackBER/status/905119781594025985 https://de-de.facebook.com/cyclehackberlin/

This is an external event and needs registration on external websites. If you RSVP here on our group page, it's not valid as an event registration and will not grant you access to the event.
By RSVPing here, you just give indication to other group members about your planning to participate. This might help you to find potential hack team members, share ideas etc.
So, it's intended as an additional planning and socialising tool! ;-)

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