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Berlin DevOps 2017-09

September 6, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
Bonial, Warschauer Str. 70A, Berlin

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The second Berlin DevOps meetup this year will be kindly hosted by Bonial at Warschauer Str. 70A! We will have 2 talks and 2 lightning talks.
The talks:
Building an automated Staging environment - Daniel from The talk will demonstrate the challenges, difficulties, discoveries and joys of building an CI/CD for staging environments using Docker, Kubernetes, Github, Slack and SaltStack. From the opening of a pull request to a running environment, how our process at Autobutler is provisioning and running staging environments using containers.
Introducing ArchOps - Hagen from LiquidM DevOps has failed us, it never caught on, it was always pushed upon by management. Almost by accident, we abandoned DevOps for something new. Research for prior art came back empty, so we decided to give it a name and talk about: rather than the developer, it’s the architect to also do operations. We are in our fourth year now and quite happy with the outcome. Today is the first time, we talk about it publicly.
The agenda:
6:30pm Door open
7:00pm Talk: Building an automated Staging environment - Lessons learned, by Daniel Oliveira Filho from
7:40pm Lightning Talk: Unit-Testing and DevOps, by Hani Zaidi 7:50pm Lightning Talk: How we use GitLabCi at unu, by David Rubin
8:00pm Break w/ food & drinks
8:45pm Talk: Introducing ArchOps, by Hagen Rother from LiquidM
9:20pm Drinks and discussions
10:00pm Door closed
A note: We will not limit RSVPs for this meetup. The venue can seat 100 people and admittance will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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