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Berlin Digital Analytics Meetup 17

April 10, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
SAP Data Space, Rosenthaler Str. 38, Berlin

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No reason to fast on Data Analytics, a few days before Easter another great Analytics-Meetup is happening! On Monday we will meet at SAP's fancy and futuristic Data Space. This time focussing on Machine Learning and Data Science, we are proud to announce a line-up of two absolute experts in this area:
Feature Engineering in Machine Learning, Marc Hilbert, Data Scientist at Volkswagen AG and Lecturer at RWTH Aachen
Democratization of Machine Learning Products and the Impact on Businesses, Sébastien Foucaud, Head of Data Science at Scout24 Group
The talks we will be accompanied by drinks, beers and snacks and followed by a great networking session.
Again there will be a livestream on YouTube to give community members all over the world the opportunity to participate by watching and posting their questions and input for the discussions.
Limited Space! Please update your reservation if you can't come.
Many thanks to SAP for hosting us!

Berlin Digital Analytics Meetup Berlin Digital Analytics Meetup

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