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Build a Cloud Connected Prototype in 2 Hours

January 19, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
Bergmannstraße 103/103, 10961 , Berlin

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The relayr IoT innovation lab is running a series of training events aimed at developers that want to learn how to quickly build a cloud connected prototype without previous knowledge of electronics, and discover the possibilities that sensor networks and data aggregation bring.
The core of the prototype will be an ESP8266-based development kit (aka. “devkit”), executing the logic and taking care of the connectivity. As additional hardware, different sensors and actuators will be used to both retrieve values and We will explore and implement different code examples written in Wiring, the programming language popularized by Arduino. These files with the extension ".ino" are called sketches.
• What’s all this IoT stuff, anyhow?
• Introduction to sensor networks and their different topologies
• Introduction to rapid electronics prototyping
• Building and flashing a prototype (i.e. electronics & firmware)
• Onboarding a prototype onto the cloud and applying a model
• Displaying and retrieving data
• Creating rules and controlling devices remotely
• Freestyle open session: bring your own electronics! We’ll help you adding them in your prototype
Plan: 2,5 hours workshop with theory & practice: hands-on. Please, consider that we start punctually at 7 o’clock. If you need help to install the software please come at 6.30 pm so we have time to help you.Otherwise come at the latest at 7pm with the software installed. If you don’t bring the software installed, we’ll help you do it but you might not be able to follow the pace of the workshop.
Register on eventbrite here. Places are limited. Registration is only valid with an eventbrite ticket.

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