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C++ sommarsnack och fika

August 17, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Waynes Coffee Slussen, Hornsgatan 3, Stockholm

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Det var länge sen vi träffades bara för fika och prata C++, men nu är det dags att gör det igen! Vi kommer att prata om  C++17 nyheter, Herb's meta class förslag och andra Intressanta ämnen.

It has been a while since we met just to sit together and talk about C++, but now its time to do this again. We will talk about C++17 news, Herb's meta class proposal and other interesting topics.

Please note:
We have still our call for papers active and are looking for:
• lightning talks, 10 or 15 minutes
• medium talks, 15 to 30 minutes
• long talks, 30 to 60 minutes
for beginner, intermediate and advanced level topics
If you have any ideas, questions or want to discuss possibilities, this is a good opportunity.
We are looking forward to see you!

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