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C++ Stockholm 0x06

September 14, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Tritech, Järnvägsgatan 10, 172 35 Sundbyberg

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Varmt välkomna till C++ Stockholm 0x06!
0x06, vadå 0x06... missade jag nånting?
Nej, ingen panik! 0x03, 0x04 och 0x05 hade bara haft andra namn.
Så här räknar vi:
• 0x03: Practical mocking with Trompeloeil && C++ type system
• 0x04: Can you make me more productive with a C++ IDE?
• 0x05: Qt Sweden C++ summer fest
Welcome to the Sweden C++, Stockholm 0x06, our next C++ user group meeting with interesting C++ presentations, Pizza and something to drink!
We will be at Tritech. The event is free but has limited places, therefore RSVP is required. Please keep you RSVP up to date, this will help us with the organization of the meal and drinks. Thanks!  
We will  have a kind of raffle, therefore some event visitor will have the chance to get a JetBrains CLion license.
C++ Stockholm 0x06 schedule:
17:30 - 18:00: Welcome mingel, find a seat, opening note
18:00 - 18:50 : Petter Holmberg, From type to concept
Concepts is the first new major language feature to make it into the draft C++20 standard. With concepts generic programming becomes easier, safer and alot more fun. In this talk we will discover what concepts are and why they are useful. We will also implement a concept that is fundamental to understanding C++ programs, and you will discover that concepts were there in your code all along, whether you knew about them or not.
Petter Holmberg is a developer at Fotonic, a manufacturer of 3D cameras and developer of image processing software for automation and robotics applications.
18:55 - 19:50: Pizza, drinks and socializing
 19:55 - 20:35:  Harald Achitz,  sqlite3 for C++ developer
What is sqlite3, what to think about when using it. And some notes about performance, security and convenience. How to get all three when you talk to a sqlite3 database in a C++ application.
Harald Achitz, consultant of Tritech, currently working for Maquet/Getinge

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