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Camunda Night with Jörn Horstmann, Lukas Niemeier & Daniel Meyer

September 19, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
"The Shuttle" Tech Innovation Lab @ Zalando Tech, Mollstraße 1, Berlin

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Zalando presents Camunda Night with Jörn Horstmann, Lukas Niemeier & Daniel Meyer on September 19th at 19:00. You’ll need a photo ID to enter the venue. 
RSVP closes on September 18th at 16:00.

Address: Mollstr. 1 10178 Berlin Entrance on Karl-Liebkneckt-Str.
Talk 1:
Jörn Horstmann - Software Engineer @ Zalando SE - (Twitter, Github)
Lukas Niemeier - Software Engineer @ Zalando SE - (Github)
Title: Orchestrating a highly-scalable fulfillment process
Abstract: About 3 years ago Zalando migrated their sales order process from a homegrown framework to camunda bpm. A year ago a project was started to also migrate the fulfillment and shipment processes to a new service. This service has to handle shipment and item-based processes, orchestrating multiple microservice based logistics interfaces, using Zalando’s Nakadi event bus.

This talk will present the challenges implementing this service and the database and application-level tuning that had to be done. We will also look into
Talk 2:
Daniel Meyer - VP of Engineering @ Camunda - (LinkedIn, Github)
Title: - Microservice Orchestration at any Scale
Implementing long-running, asynchronous and complex orchestrations of distributed microservices is challenging. How do we guarantee that the overall orchestration always completes, even if the invocation of a service fails? How can we ensure visibility into orchestrations and provide status and error monitoring? In this talk, we present, a new Open Source engine for microservice orchestration. With Zeebe, you can define orchestration flows using visual workflows. For each step in a flow, a microservice can be connected using a publish/subscribe protocol. Once an orchestration flow starts, Zeebe ensures that it is eventually carried out, retrying steps upon failure. Along the way, Zeebe produces a complete event log, facilitating monitoring and visibility into the progress and status of orchestrations. Internally, Zeebe works as a distributed system, it is super fast, horizontally scalable and fault tolerant.
Schedule: 18:50 - Doors Open + Drinks + Snacks 
19:15 - Welcome 
19:20 - First Talk by Jörn Horstmann & Lukas Niemeier
20:00 - Q&A 
20:10 - Talk by Daniel Meyer 
20:50 - Q&A 
21:00 - Networking + Drinks 
21:30 - Event ends

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