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Can Berlin become the German Silicon Valley?

May 11, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Cafe Manstein, Mansteinstraße 4, Berlin, Berlin

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Let's talk about what's happening in Berlin's tech scene! The buzz around startups in Berlin has definitely grown stronger. Software engineers, founders and marketing experts are moving here, lured by job opportunities, a creative vibe and cheap rents, to build companies and launch products. So is Berlin becoming the next Silicon Valley? For our May meetup, that's what we want to talk about!
Bloomberg gives a good, quick overview of what's happening in Berlin, and what may still be missing from the tech economy here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-07-28/berlin-s-startup-hub-wants-to-prove-it-s-more-than-just-a-scene For a great longread on how we got where we are today, check out this month's Business Punk cover story: "Wie ein paar schlaue Typen aus Berlin Europas wichtigste Startup- Metropole gemacht haben – und sich selbst eine ziemlich gute Zeit". (The Nineties! Café Oberholz! StudiVZ!) If you have an account at news curator site Blendle, you can read the story through this link: https://blendle.com/item/bnl-businesspunk-20170406-f6519ff8789 If you email us at [masked], we can also hook you up with a copy.
Have you read something recently about Berlin's tech economy that stuck with you? Share it in the comments!
Book shuffle for "Lean Out" If you've been following along with Tech Book Club, you may notice we originally had something else planned for May. We were going to read "Lean Out" about tech, gender and the persistent trouble with getting diversity out of glossy reports and into actual work environments. However, the books we ordered haven't arrived yet, so we decided to bump "Lean Out" to June. We may have been slightly optimistic in calculating how long a book order would take to make happen :) It's all an experiment for us, so thank you for sticking around! The good news is, if you ordered "Lean Out" we will have your copy ready to pick up at the May meetup.
So, what do you think about Berlin's startup scene? Is it making an impact? Is it an overblown hype? Will all the negative effects we're seeing in California now wash over Berlin as well? We look forward to reading and chatting with you!
Your Tech Book Club organizers, Julia and Jessica

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