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Can you make me more productive with a C++ IDE?

May 22, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden

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Join an evening with our guest from JetBrains, Anastasia Kazakova.
Note: This event is looking for a location. If you - or your company - want to host this event and become a swedencpp sponsor, please come in contact with me! (Fallback location, if no sponsor is found, will be Tritech)
Writing code at the speed of thought and having the IDE take care of all mundane development tasks – that’s what productivity means for us at JetBrains. But is it even possible for a tricky language like C++? In this talk we’ll explore CLion, a cross-platform IDE for C and C++ development.
Come and learn how to save your time and generate tons of code in one click, move members up/down the hierarchy, or change the signature of a function safely. Find out how to catch and fix errors by performing static code analysis on your C/C++ code base, which identifies unused and unreachable code, runs type checks and performs data flow analysis. Check out the benefits of integrated Google Test, Catch, and various Version Control Systems. Finally, we’ll overview the plugin repository to see what goodies it offers to CLion users.
About Anastasia: As a C and C++ software developer, Anastasia Kazakova created real-time *nix-based systems and pushed them to production for 8 years. She hasa passion for networking algorithms and embedded programming and believes in  good tooling. With all her love for C++, she is now the Product Marketing Manager on the JetBrains CLion team.
About the evening: Around the CLion presentation of Anastasia we will, as usual, talk about C++ topics, maybe on this evening wit a IDE and productivity focus. You can also take the chance to hack on your favorite project with CLion and ask experts on site questions. Get your evaluation version of CLion from here: There will  also be a draw out CLion licenses on the evening.
We are looking forward to see you!

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