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Case studies and JTBD books roundup — 12th Berlin meetup

January 26, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
ITR8, Müggelstraße 26, Berlin

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After a longer hiatus with Martin moving to London and us being fully loaded with projects, we invite you to touch base with the Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done community.
In 2016 innovators were blessed with not one, two, but three books on Jobs-to-be-Done, demonstrating how people apply the paradigm to build successful services. During our session we want to take a closer at Alan Klement's publication "When Coffee and Kale Compete" and see how he improved his helpful job story format.
To spice things up, we will further take a look at how the founder of a famous Berlin startup used the paradigm to improve the team's understanding of customer struggles and jobs. 
We are back on Thursday, 26th of January 2017 at the lovely office of ITR8 in Friedrichshain. Come along! Andrej, Hannes and Tor

Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done Meetup Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done Meetup

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