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Clojure Berlin Dojo

April 12, 19:00

Berlin, Germany

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Hey Everyone! There are no talks planned for this meetup yet which is your chance to present something! Whether you are an absolute beginner when it comes to public speaking or a seasoned conference speaker does not matter. Everyone is welcome!
While the meetup's name is somewhat Clojure focused, talks don't always have to be. Related topics like LISP, functional programming and more are equally welcome as excursions into non-technical topics like development processes or the adoption of new technologies in your company.

You've played around with that new library? Great! Tell us about it.
You've seen something awesome in another language the other day? Tell us about that too!
You pulled your hair out trying to figure out that one problem last week? Let's solve it together!
You built something fun in Clojure lately? Demo it!
Talks should be 20 minutes max but don't have to be you talking for the entire time. Usually people love discussing things :-) Also lightning talks (5min talk + 5min Q/A) are welcome.
If you have any questions or would like to have feedback on a potential topic you'd like to present, don't hesitate to contact me!([masked])
Also feel free to "request" a presentation about a certain topic by leaving a comment here. :-)

The Clojure Conspiracy (Berlin) The Clojure Conspiracy (Berlin)

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