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Clojure Meetup at the Zalando Innovation Lab

November 8, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
"The Shuttle" Tech Innovation Lab @ Zalando Tech, Mollstraße 1, Berlin

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This month for the first time at Clojure Berlin we are welcoming an Invited Speaker: Christophe Grand will join us from France to speak about unrepl. Thanks to Zalando Tech for the financial support that makes this invitation possible.
Unrepl, an experiment in rebooting Clojure tooling - Christophe Grand
Unrepl started as an experiment to understand Rich Hickey’s position on the power of REPLs. Now it has matured enough that we believe it could change Clojure tooling story. Christophe is an independent dev and trainer, working from the French countryside. He has been clojuring for so long that he remembers when there were no multimethods and core.clj was called boot.clj. He is least known for suggesting the :keyword shorthand to Rich and mildly known for some libs and co-authoring Clojure Programming (O’Reilly).

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