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Closing this group, moving on and thanks for your trust!

March 31, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Beuth Hochschule, Haus Bauwesen, Raum H1, Luxemburger Straße, 13353 Berlin

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Dear Big Data Beer Members,
it is time to say goodbye and start something new.
This Big Data Beers Group will close and join forces with the Big Data Berlin Meetup.I am sure you are already a member of Big Data Berlin. If not, please join this great group and don't miss their conference next week!
We all had a wonderful time with you having great events starting back in 2012! Our group grew till we had 2250 members in November 2017.
We had so many fantastic talk sand it is time to thank all the speakers, sponsors, great locations and former Big Data Beer companions (Pere Ferrera Bertran, Dave Kammeyer, Christoph Bauer, and many others).
Some events - like the one with Dave Kammeyer on Machine Learning and Deep Learning -will surely never be forgotten. Have a look at the bottom of this page!
But the workload to continue this group is extremely high. Additionally, many interesting subgroups covering our topics have been created. Hence I will move on and have to close this group; intentionally not hand it over to companies for marketing (many offers had been made in this direction).
Thanks for your trust and time Yours  Stefan Edlich

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