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CocoaHeads January 2016

January 18, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH, Erich-Weinert-Straße 145, 10409 Berlin

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Join us at our first regathering in January! Are you eager to do something new and check that new years resolution: "Give talk at CocoaHeads" 😜 – Contact us!
Thanks to Get Your Guide for having us again at their premises!
Talk #1 – Claus Höfele: Running Swift code on AWS Lambda
Lightning Talk NEW (optional): We want to introduce this short presentation format to CocoaHeads to tease you to your fame! It should be between 7 and 15 mins and a brief Q&A.
Talk #2 – To be confirmed - Contact us!

Cocoaheads Berlin Cocoaheads Berlin

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