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CocoaHeads October 2017

October 18, 18:45

Berlin, Germany
The Digital Eatery / Microsoft, Unter den Linden 17, 10117 Berlin

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This month, we gather at Microsoft's fantastic Digital Eatery to enjoy great talks, drinks and yummy food! Our second speaker might also bring some Clue swag 😊
Here come the talks:

Talk 1 – Manuela Rink (Microsoft): Get back to the playground – emotionally! We loved playgrounds in our childhood and most of us still want to jump onto a swing when walking by one. With Swift Playgrounds it's just that easy to start playing again and even better – to share your own playground with the people out there who are as enthusiastic about coding as you are. This talk gives a basic introduction to Swift Playgrounds, and how you can teach others to code by telling an "emotional" coding story with the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs.
A mobile enthusiast long before the iPhone, Manu Rink worked some years in the enterprise business creating big data visualizations before finally dropping the mic and making her passion her profession. In the last four years, she has worked as a mobile software engineer and architect and led the development of several #1 App Store apps. Since 2016 Manu is a technical evangelist at Microsoft and inspires a wide audience of techies with topics like mobile development, serverless computing and gaming.

Talk 2 – Matthew Healy (Clue): Writing Better Unit Tests in Swift
Writing tests is a vital part of professional software engineering. But it's all too easy to find yourself writing boring, repetitive tests which obscure what's really being tested. In this talk we'll look at some examples of unit tests which have become convoluted and difficult to read, and we'll use some nice Swift features to make them more readable and easier to maintain.
Matthew is an iOS engineer at Clue. He's probably best known for writing a blog about being laid off from SoundCloud that some people shared on the internet. When he's not being laid off, his interests include unit testing and software architecture.

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