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CocoaHeads September 2017

September 20, 18:45

Berlin, Germany
eGym Gmbh, Saarbrücker Str. 37 in 10405 Berlin, Berlin

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Welcome back after summer break and a keynote special. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again! This time we are hosted by eGym GmbH (
18:45 Doors open 🍹
If you are interested about vacancies at eGym, you can meet HR then.
19:00 Company Intro from our host eGym
19:15 Kateryna Gridina: "How Zalando does Tracking"
Tracking is very important part of any application – it helps todiscover weak and strong features, track revenue, analyze user behavior. This information is necessary to improve app user experience, have better picture of company goals and provide direction for the app strategy. Kateryna will share solutions and the main concept behind how Zalando’s App team has implemented a tracking system and keeps improving it.
19:45 Jaakko Kangasharju: "Managing Different Builds with .xcconfig Files"
Configurations are often a good choice to make different builds of your app, and putting them in ‘.xcconfig’ files helps in managing them. Jaakko will show how to organize the configuration into separate files and go over the weird gotchas that ‘.xcconfig’ files have.
20:15 Foooood  🥙🥗🍺 
20:45 Diego Ventura Silva: "Getting fit with CoreML and ARKit"
What if your app could recognize a 🍔 and draw a 🍠 every time someone points an iPhone at it? Diego will talk about how can we make our apps smarter at recognizing objects and how we can integrate it with the new ARKit.
21:30 Networking time 🍺
22:00 See you next time!
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