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Code BBQ

July 29, 13:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Kvartersgården Sågen, Sågenvägen 20, Stockholm

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Welcome to a code BBQ =)
Bring your laptop and code with like minded people.
There will be people on-site that can answer questions and solve problems you might run into, both code, design and administrative questions.
Since we are going to grill the venue is changed so make sure you go to the right place =)
We will grill hamburgers (Vegan, vegetarian options will be available) towards the evening and there will be drinks and snack through-out the day.  Make sure to tell us your food allergies or restrictions in time and we will accommodate those as well). Since there has been a trend of no-shows we urge you to cancel your ticket if you can't attend. We don't like to waste food, and waste == fewer code evenings. We are a non-profit User Group :)
Example of what our members work on is .NET, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HoloLens, VR, AR, MR, Xbox, Android, iOS, Unity, HTC Vive, Bluetooth, BLE, Alljoyn and much more. We welcome all kinds of projects.
Food  and venue sponsor: Microsoft  

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