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Combining Agile Effectiveness to Traditional Governance

March 24, 08:15

Helsinki, Finland
IBM, Laajalahdentie 23, Helsinki

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Combining Agile Effectiveness to Traditional Governance – co-existence of traditional PPM and Scaled Agile
Harnessing the power of disruption requires new mindsets and methods. That’s where Agile Management comes in. Agile Management is a proven approach that shatters the barriers separating and frustrating your teams—all while transforming delivery from an end result into an ever-present part of your development lifecycle. We want to show, how Agile development, Scaled Agile in the form of SAFe and traditional project management and portfolio planning at Enterprise level can be combined. Many companies are using agile methods on team level, same time they still have projects that are managed traditional waterfall methods, and in some projects there might be both methods combined. We want to present how these methods can be managed in same portfolio, how SAFe can bring some governance to agile methods and how you manage the longer term planning with normally short agile planning cycles. In agile world you allocate a team to agile project, in traditional PPM world you allocate roles and named resources. We want to also speak how these to allocation methods can be managed in companies side by side.

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