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Come and See What's New in MongoDB

January 9, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Svartmangatan 9 111 29 Stockholm Sweden, Stockholm

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We are rebooting the Stockholm MUG in the new year with an event in the Knackeriet co-working space in the centre of Stockholm. 
This session will be all about what's new in MongoDB 3.4. We have a MongoDB Engineer, Anna Herlihy who is based in this co-working space. Anna will kick off proceedings with demonstration of our new GUI Tool, Compass, which is designed to allow developers and DBAs to interact with their MongoDB cluster via a more user friendly graphical interface.
Anna will also talk about some of the work we are doing with Numpy and the Python Driver.
Joe Drumgoole (Director of Developer Advocacy, EMEA) will then follow up with an overview of what's new in MongoDB 3.4 and a demonstration of Atlas, MongoDB in the Cloud.
There will be food and drink for all attendees. Hope to see you all in the new year.

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