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Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm

September 21, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Trifork AB, Ferkens gränd 3, 1 tr., Stockholm

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We're back from the summer, and this time we’re going to do a deep dive into deploying services and orchestrating containers with Docker’s Swarm Mode.
Swarm Mode provides built-in container orchestration capabilities, including native clustering of Docker hosts and scheduling of container workloads. 
Frederik will first discuss container orchestration before presenting Docker Swarm Mode. He will share a live demo of container orchestration with Docker Swarm Mode before answering questions from the audience.
AGENDA 1. Overview of container orchestration
2. Docker Swarm Mode - what is it? 
3. Sandwich break :)
4. Exercises in swarm (setting up a Docker Swarm cluster, deploying an app, scaling a service and more!)
5. Q&A Session
We will have more meetups on Docker in the future including workshops to help you get started using Docker! Are you interested in speaking? Feel free to email us with your proposed talk!
SPEAKER: Frederik Mogensen, Software Pilot at Trifork
I have always been fascinated by technology and computers, and often tries to find new ways to combine it with my love for outdoor life and nature.
I started using Docker a year and a half ago professionally in the cloud team at Stibo Systems. We worked on creating a new microservice application for master data management in large organizations. We used Docker Compose as the development environment and the Netflix stack for discovery and load balancing. This was before docker swarm was really a production ready option. 😜
After leaving Stibo, I joined Trifork and I have been using Docker as development tools and for emulating existing production servers in development. With my current project, I am designing the architecture and help implementing the Microservices. Here we use Docker both for hosting the services, spinning up one-time-use build agents, and hosting ci-cd, log, monitoring and other infrastructure tools.
Big thank you to Trifork Selected for helping organize this event!

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