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Containers, platforms... and beer!

January 31, 17:30

Helsinki, Finland

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Hello & welcome to the first DevOps Finland meetup of 2017! The event will be sponsored by DataCenter Finland and will concentrate on some of the most popular DevOps & Container management tools available. We'll hear great stories and see some awesome demos, so be sure to RSVP and attend! (There will be a limitation on attendees so be quick! And yes there will be be..refreshments!) See ya there! (Location will be defined a bit later!)


- 17:30 Doors open - 18:00 Jelastic Turnkey Cloud PaaS for Developers (Heikki Lavanko, DataCenter Finland) - 18:45 Apache Mesos and DC/OS (Roman Zaynetdinov) - 19:30 Open for presentation! - 20:00 DataCenter Finland's Junction 2016 contest winner & beer launch

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