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Create a playlist of the happiest songs of your favourite artists

April 18, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
NewStore GmbH, Schiffbauerdamm 22, 10117 , Berlin

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Spotify Web API provides easy access to a huge library of songs and theirs audio features. At this tutorial, we will learn how to retrieve data from multiple Spotify API endpoints and how to play with it using pandas. We will try  to figure out what is  the happiest or the most depressing song of your favourite band. Finally, we will create your personalized playlist including only the most positive tracks. 
This tutorial is suitable for beginners in Python, who already know the basic concepts of programming.
Please bring a laptop with you, it will be a hands-on session (with Python and Pandas installed). Make sure you have active Spotify account!
Magda is a datawarehouse developer at foodora, passionate about working with data in any form.
Betty is a PhD student in Psychology, with a very big interest in Python, R and open-source projects.

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