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CRM Talks + Panel: Prediction & Behavioral Segmentation

April 20, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20 10969 , Berlin

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Understanding your users and leads with enough sophistication to personalize your CRM is essential. Learn about how CRM has evolved over time, and how to segment like the data guru you've always wanted to be.  
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Ask them in the comments here, and the speakers will answer them in a panel discussion at the end. 

19:00 - Intro
19:15 - How CRM evolved over time
19:45 - Break
20:00 - Automation vs. Individualism
20:30 - Panel discussion Q&A
21:00 - Open networking
22:00 - End

How CRM evolved over time Let’s take a look at how CRM evolved over time, from the first mass message ever sent all the way to highly personalized Facebook ads. 

Aaron Rosen
Since deciding he wanted to work in marketing at age 14, Aaron has been on a journey from Radio Marketing to Consumer Goods Marketing to Social Media, Online Marketing and Growth Hacking. He now heads CRM and Social Media Marketing at the Berlin-based operational VC Project A. In this role, he helps portfolio companies like WorldRemit and ZenMate reach the next level in their marketing activities.


Automation vs. Individualisation. 
How we tackle CRM's biggest challenge with the help of a 3-dimensional segmentation model.

Lucas Bast
Lucas is a Berlin-based marketing expert, who is currently CMO at Bloomy Days, where he is responsible for all online- and offline marketing activities as well as the Business Intelligence department. Previous engagements include positions as Marketing Director at Auto1 Group and the Rocket Internet venture Foodora.


Behavioral Science Berlin Organizer
Friedolin Stockmeier - Performance Marketing Lead at CareerFoundry, with a focus on landing page conversion rate optimization.

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