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Data Vis Talks – Data Tools

January 25, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Betahaus Café, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin

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New year, new meetup! Ok, don't worry, we're still the same. You won't recognise us anymore because you haven't seen us for half a year, but, I mean, that's our fault. 
This time, we want to talk about data vis tools – something most of use every single day and most of us have lots of questions about. Data vis beginners ask: What's the best tool to work with? What should I learn? And tool builder ask: What do users need? How should I prioritise the functionalities of my tool?
We will bring tool builders and users together. Do you have a data vis tool you're currently building which you want to show us, to get some feedback? Let Lisa know: [masked].  
But of course you don't need to present anything: Show up, have drinks, meet data vis enthusiasts and look at some neat tools! 

These are our speakers so far: 

Lars Grammel (@lgrammel) is the Head of European R&D at Trifacta, a data wrangling startup. He holds a PhD in computer science, specializing in information visualization. In his talk he will demo Trifacta and explain how it was designed to enable less technical users to explore, transform, clean and enrich data.

Lisa Charlotte Rost (@lisacrost) is in the last month of her Knight-Mozilla OpenNews at the NPR Visuals Team. During her fellowship, she tried a few data vis apps and charting libraries and developed some opinions about when to use which tool and for what. She will shortly talk about her research. 

Jonas Parnow (@zeto) is working at Golden Section Graphics in Berlin. While building graphics, he likes to build tools that facilitate his and his team’s everyday life while wrangling data. In respect to Unix’ philosophy »Make each program do one thing well«, he prefers these small apps to the bulky all-in-one solutions.

We might also have a surprise or two for you. 
Come and join us on Wednesday at Betahaus! 

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