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Data Vis Talks – News Graphics

May 3, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Betahaus Café, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin

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There's a lot of data vis happening behind closed company doors, so the data vis scene gets most of their inspiration from an industry that needs to make their visualisations public: The news. Let's talk about the graphics they produce! We have some excellent data journalists/graphics editors in Germany. And we are proud to have three of them at the meetup. Marie-Louise and Patrick will speak about their projects, while Gregor will give his opinion about an ongoing discussion in the scene. 

We would love to see you at this meetup. Show up, have drinks and meet data vis enthusiasts! These are our speakers this time: 

Marie-Louise Timcke (@datentaeterin) is a young data journalism enthusiast currently working as data trainee at Berliner Morgenpost’s interactive team. Along with some of her fellow students in Dortmund, she founded Journocode (@journocode), a meetup group and tutorial website for data driven people. She’ll talk about her work at Berliner Morgenpost and walk us through the steps of one of their projects.

Patrick Stotz (@PatrickStotz) is a data journalist at Spiegel Online who turns data into visualizations, stories and maps, covering a wide range of topics. Once upon a time he studied urban planning, before his fascination for interactive map led him to data journalism, joining Spiegel Online in 2015.
He will talk about "pass maps" ("Taktiktafeln"), which Spiegel Online has published on a regular basis for a few months now. Pass maps are visualisations that reveal a lot about how a football game went and the strategy of each team. In football there’s an abundance of data, describing even the tiniest event on the pitch. Nevertheless, good data visualizations and data driven reporting on football are hard to find. Pass maps are a real eye-opener in a field where it’s still common sense to describe a highly complex game, most often decided by very few events and a fair bit of chance, with nothing but some very basic stats. Patrick will present insights on how the pass maps are created, what tools he has used for the visualization and how integration into regular football coverage works.

Gregor Aisch (@driven_by_data) is a graphics editor at the New York Times. At the Information+ conference in June last year, he mentioned the fact that only 10-15% of the NYT readers interact with their graphics: an idea that made half of the news graphics peeps a bit depressed. Last month, Gregor published an article defending interactivity. At the meetup, he will talk about the reasons why interactivity is still important for news graphics.

Come and join us on Wednesday at Betahaus! 

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