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Daylight savings Hack evening

April 11, 18:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Trifork AB, Ferkens gränd 3, 1 tr., Stockholm

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Has your production code got time sensitive logic? Did half of your test suite blow up due to the DST change this Sunday? Do you just need that special something to make you feel like it's all going to be alright?
I think a long awaited Haskell hack evening might be just the thing for you!
People who merrily just go on with their lives without time-related issues in code,  or those who just want to come by and hack some Haskell are, of course, also welcome!
You bring your enthusiasm, we'll handle the food and drinks!
For the first time, we'll be over in Trifork's office in Gamla Stan, so thanks to them for food, drinks and venue!

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